Three Reasons to Start Angel Investing Today


Are you worried about the election’s impact on your stock portfolio?

Does your neck hurt from watching the S&P 500 – get this – jump up and down more than 2% a record 43 days this year?

Have you looked at the market’s frothy valuations and wondered, “Why on earth would I buy a tech stock at this outrageous price?” 

Well, you’re in good company. Because almost EVERYONE I’m talking to recently has expressed the same concerns. 

The next question: Where on earth do you put your money right now if you want to make a big return in the months and years ahead? 

Well, I’ve got a secret that few people talk about these days. 

This secret is simple, fun, and doesn’t expose me to the whipsaw volatility we’ve seen in the stock market this year. 

Best of all, I’m making it easier than ever to help you get involved.


Be An Angel


Look around. Stocks are sitting at valuations that would make people before the 1929 crash blush. 

COVID-19 might force renewed shutdowns across the United States. 

Europe’s economy is a mess. China and the United States are back at each other’s necks about trade relations. 

Oh – and there’s a very contentious event happening on November 3. 

All of these factors are weighing on the stock market. In September, the S&P 500 has fallen by as much as 7.7%. And we might be looking at correction territory by the end of the month. 

Meanwhile, there aren’t many places for investors to put their money. 

Stock valuations are high. 

Bond prices are near record lows, and interest rates might go lower (into negative territory). 

People are worried about holding too much cash because of inflation. 

And no one wants to put their money in emerging markets in the middle of a pandemic. 

So what do you do to limit your exposure to this global mess and still find a way to make an incredible amount of money.

The answer is Angel Investing

This is a simple investment strategy that allows ordinary investors to invest $50, $100, or more into startup companies before they become household names. 

So, why Angel investing? I’ll give you three GREAT reasons. 


Angel Investing Benefit No. 1: Say Goodbye to “Market” Risk


The first benefit to Angel investing is perhaps it’s most important. 

Angel investing falls into a category known as “Alternative Investments” like hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital. These are the investment strategies of the wealthiest 1%, pension funds, and university endowments. 

Alternative investments have a low correlation to the equity markets and other traditional investments. 

This means they can provide EXCESS returns to what the markets can provide and ensure that you’re not exposed to the risks associated with equities. 

That alone is worth the price of admission. Because as we saw back in March, stocks tanked. But little startups like McSquares took off because they helped tap into new market trends like “Working from Home.” 


Angel Investing Benefit No. 2: Problem Solving By Problem Solvers


Small businesses and startups are the lifeblood of the American economy. These tiny little companies typically start with a big market problem. 

For example, I recently invested in a small startup that specializes in a booming industry.

The startup matches job candidates with the millions of open positions across the United States. 

But they do it in an incredibly innovative way. 

The problem is that millions of people write their resume and submit it to job boards. However, resumes fail to capture the full level of talents people have, and sometimes job postings use the wrong terminology to describe the job. 

This startup uses Artificial Intelligence to scan billions of web pages and obtain other insight on job candidates. Then, using this insight, it can automatically match up these candidates with job openings all over the world. 

This company dramatically reduced the amount of time that HR divisions had to spend vetting candidates. Since SO MANY companies spent weeks just trying to vet candidates for one or two positions, they’re lining up to use this company’s technology. 

I love it when a startup takes a big problem and uses technology to solve them. 

More importantly, I love being one of the first investors into the door when it comes to the problem they are solving. 


Angel Investing Benefit No. 3: It’s Cool, and It’s Fun


Look, no one is the coolest person at the party if they’re telling you that they just bought shares in IBM or AT&T. I’d rather watch paint dry than have a conversation about the balance sheet of 3M or why someone bought Canadian bonds. 

But I’m always fascinated when I meet someone who has just invested in a startup. I love those conversations because we have something in common, and we connect over the problems the company solves and the technology or solution. 

The best part about Angel Investing is that you only need one winner to make life-changing wealth. But you’ll build a portfolio of maybe eight to 10 companies that you’ll identify with as you learn the process. 

I can’t stress this enough. This is really cool and really fun.

And I want to prove it to you

I’m doing something that I’ve never done before. 

I’m going to show you MY favorite Angel investments, I’ll walk you through the entire process, and I’ll give you a seat at the table among our select group of investors who do this for a living. 

That includes famous startup investors like a friend of The Boardroom, Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank. 

And I’m going to do it all – for $17.


Don’t overthink this. Go here now, and get started.

See you in the Boardroom


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