Time is Running Out… in the Job Market

Which commodity do you think will face a massive oversupply and not enough centralized demand in August? 

If you guessed oil, that’d make sense. After all, GDP is slumping worldwide, gasoline and jet fuel demand are off sharply, and it could be years before we see global demand top 100 million barrels per day again. But keep in mind that oil producers can and have radically cut crude production to balance out supply and demand.

What about food? You might think that demand is falling because of restaurant closures. But again, producers can reduce supply. Farmers are actually destroying crops across the country, so that sector also has a natural defense against oversupply against slumping demand.

What about semiconductors, natural gas, even silver and gold? 

Again, producers can cap production to balance out the market. 

There’s only one commodity right now that you really can’t reduce supply.

And it is facing a massive glut all across America.


The Numbers are Troubling 


This month, 22 million Americans will be looking for jobs.

Across the United States, the glut of available workers has hit levels we haven’t seen before in history.

At the end of July, Congress failed to authorize an extension to emergency unemployment benefits. While President Trump has signed an executive order that would give Americans an extra $400 per week (down from $600), we are facing a jobs crisis. 

Even if we discover a vaccine and transform our economy in a Post-COVID world, businesses face a daunting challenge over the next few years.

They will need to comb through 22 million resumes to fill jobs quickly. They can’t make mistakes with bias against people just based on their resumes or screening interview.

They need to find the right person for every job because the cost of finding a replacement represents about 1/3rd of an employees’ salary, according to various academic studies.

But what if I told you that we’ve found a solution.

And it could be your opportunity to invest in one of the most incredible technologies to ever emerge in the HR industry.


Our Boardroom Spotlight


This week, we sat down again with one founder of the startup that is poised to shake up the future of hiring in America (and ultimately around the world).

I couldn’t think of a better time for this company to go to market.

This startup matches applicants to jobs, instantly, and without bias.

Harnessing artificial intelligence and the cloud, the company operates a 100% automated platform that can perform a week’s work of job applicant screening… in seconds.

It doesn’t matter what industry that the HR manager examines. Any company that needs to hire – especially ones with job boards full of diverse positions – can experience huge benefits like improved ROI, efficiency, and performance from their HR divisions. In fact, the startup explains that companies are raking in a 93% margin from this technology.

The startup lines up the best applicants for the best jobs, even if the applicant didn’t submit for a specific position. The platform further eliminates bias against applicants based on race, gender, age, veteran status, and more. This socially conscious approach is the type of thing that companies want in today’s environment.

With 22 million people looking for work, HR companies are lining up left and right for this startup’s services.

Customer demand has increased by 1,400% over the last 30 days.

The company has a sales pipeline of $19 million.


Join Us in the BoardRoom


This startup has “buyout” written all over it.

In case you don’t believe me, listen to this incredible development.

This startup’s artificial intelligence is so powerful that it actually beat IBM’s Watson.

IBM’s solution wasn’t to make Watson stronger, it was to partner with this little startup. That’s another reason why so many people have joined us to take part in this exclusive opportunity.

I’ve described this as a “niche pitch” because it has the potential to take over the lion’s share of the $500 million artificial intelligence industry that will cater to Human Resources in the years ahead.

But I am equally excited about what else it will be able to do in the global HR market that will be worth $38.2 billion by 2027, according to GrandView Research.

Again, you have to watch this entrepreneur because this opportunity is going to expire by tomorrow. And I don’t want you to be left behind.

Learn more, here.

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